2023 Tournament Entry Blanks and Average Lookup

For the 2023 Open and Women’s Association Tournaments, average rules have been modified.

You may look up your tournament average here: Tournament Average Lookup – GCUSBC 2023

To summarize: You will use your highest composite yearbook average, and the 10-pin rule is based on your Jan 1 composite average.

The rule is as follows:

  • Average Requirements are listed as follows:
    • Bowlers will use their highest Green Country USBC composite average totaling all leagues within Green Country USBC’s association from:
      • All 2021-22 season leagues, provided it totals 21 or more games
      • If no 2021-22 composite average, a 21-game composite average as of January 1, 2023
      • If no January 1, 2023 average, a 21-game composite average as of March 1, 2023
    • USBC Rule 319A-2 (Ten Pin Rule): If the bowlers 21 game composite association average as of January 1, 2023 is ten (10) or more pins higher than their composite average for the 2020-21 bowling season, then the bowler must use the January 1, 2023 composite average.
    • Association members who have not reached 21 games by March 1, 2023, have paid their USBC national dues through Green Country USBC, and are not eligible to bowl in any other association’s tournament, will bowl scratch (220).
    • Bowlers who cannot field an average based on the requirements of rule 3a-c, are not eligible for participation in this tournament.
    • USBC Rule 319C (Average Adjustments): Bowlers must report any prior re-ratings assessed, whether accepted or not, within the last three (3) years.  This report must include the name of each tournament as well as the adjusted/re-rated average.
    • USBC Rule 319D (Reporting Prior Tournament Winnings): Bowlers must report any previous prize winnings within the last twelve (12) months of:
      1. $300 or more in any one event
      1. $500 or more in a single tournament
      1. $1,000 or more in all tournaments

        This report must include the tournament name, amount of the prize, actual score bowled, and prize position

  • USBC Rule 319E (Average Adjustment for Entry): Bowlers must adjust their average shall their tournament average of 21 games or more exceed their entering average by 15 pins or greater.

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